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Helping Pennsylvania Injured and Disabled Workers Protect Their Rights In Workers' Compensation Social Security Disability and DUI Cases

Kunkel Law Firm is a law firm dedicated to representing Pennsylvania's injured and disabled workers. With offices located in Pittsburgh and Uniontown Pennsylvania, Attorney Gregory T. Kunkel represents individuals throughout Western Pennsylvania in claims for workers' compensation, social security disability, all types of employment rights claims, and DUI and criminal matters. 

If you have been looking for a lawyer, you will soon learn that most lawyer advertising looks the same. Rather than providing you with standard attorney clichés offering free hospital visits or telling you that we are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania and members of certain bar associations, we believe in providing useful information to you upfront with no obligation, on this website and through our free books entitled: “The Injured Worker's Survival Guide”  and "Six keys to proving your Social Security Disability Case."  We believe that knowledge is power and that people need to have some basic information about their rights before they even speak to a lawyer, insurance claims adjuster, or the Social Security Administration about their case.

Our law firm is different. We are not a “general practice” firm and do not try to be a jack-of-all-trades.  Instead, we limit our practice to just four main practice areas. Our lawyers believe that knowledge is power and strive to inform and educate workers and disabled individuals about their rights in the workplace as well as their rights under the Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act or to social security disability benefits if they've been injured or become disabled.  We also believe that you should know your rights and all of your legal options if you are charged with DUI for driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance or other crime.  

Don't leave yourself to the mercy of your employer, an insurance claims adjuster, or a prosecuting attorney. Call (724) 438-3020 for your free, no-obligation consultation today or complete the contact form on this website.

Gregory T. Kunkel

In 1993, Mr. Kunkel decided that he would rather represent people than large corporations and decided to open his own law firm and limit his practice to representing Pennsylvania's working citizens in workers' compensation, disability and DUI defense.  

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  • KEITH F., ALLEGHENY COUNTY Recommends Gregory T. Kunkel

    I thank you for your hard work & dedication. I'm very satisfied with the outcome and I greatly appreciate you helping me with this ordeal. I'm glad that you represented me and I thank you for your patience over the past two years. You're a true professional and I would highly recommend you. Once... Read On

  • EILEEN Z., FAYETTE COUNTY Recommends Gregory T. Kunkel

    I am extremely satisfied with my experience with the Kunkel Law Firm. From our very first meeting, Mr. Kunkel put me at ease not only by explaining the entire process of Social Security Disability, but also by doing all of the paperwork and obtaining my medical records. I was under a great deal o... Read On

  • GEORGE M., FAYETTE COUNTY Recommends Gregory T. Kunkel

    Mr. Kunkel very polite and made everything very understanding.” “I was able to get a lot of things done with the settlement. Thank you very much for your advice and understanding. Read On

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At Kunkel Law Firm, we focus on Social Security Disability, Workers' Compensation, DUI, Criminal Defense, and Employment Law and we are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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